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Bodysense Books & Journal

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Bodysense Book & Journal: OUT NOW!

Building new habits, overcoming stress and making change is  exciting - and confronting. Our relationships with ourselves and others are often complex.


The BodySense Book and Journal provides a bridge between your stress responses and the sensations in your body, helping you to understand them and all the emotions and behaviours that arise in between.


It is designed specifically to provide the support, structure and space for you and your intention of creating new and lasting habits in your physical and mental health.

Topics include:


  • boundaries and how to balance them in all areas of life

  • the newest science of stress and how it arises in both body and mind

  • monitoring menstrual cycle strengths and slow-downs

  • how to notice and make meaning of what you’re feeling during more challenging physical and emotional times

  • optimising a new food story, and

  • practical tools and movement strategies to guide you

  • easy-to-follow and a pleasure to use

Everything you need for your body, mind and relationships to align so that you can thrive everyday!


Understand the new science of stress and learn behavioural change techniques so that you and your clients thrive.