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Counselling Using Transactional Analysis

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Counselling using TA

Monica offers therapeutic counselling using transactional analysis.

The sessions offer both support and structure to explore what is going on for you, and how to make meaning of that in your life as it is currently. Sessions are designed to promote your sense of capacity and your place in the world. Transactional analysis is fundamentally a therapy for wellbeing and for helping individuals to reach their full potential in all aspects of life.

In your first session, we will discuss any issues that may be troubling you, and what changes you would like to make. Over this, and subsequent, sessions, we will solidify a contract for our work together, and slowly unravel some of the elements of your past which might be bringing you to this difficulty now, and together, help you to shape a new meaning and a new pathway for your life and relationships.

Monica works in a very intuitive and down-to-earth way, and always with your sense of safety and agreement central to the process.

Sometimes, sessions will include short exercises to down-regulate the stressed part of your nervous system, and sometimes it will include paying attention to body sensations and teaching you how to increase this awareness without feeling overwhelmed, putting you fully in control of how your body and mind talk to each other, and build your story today to truly reflect a "here and now" perspective that includes and integrates your past experiences and your physiological experiences.

Our work together will often be long term, and it is best to consider a year of weekly or fortnightly sessions. Shorter contracts are possible, and we will discuss and contract specifically for this if it's appropriate.

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