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I invite you to harness the science of movement, motivation and emotional resilience to thrive everyday.


In My 

My passion is to support people to understand what makes their body function well, their habits of the mind which strengthen or sabotage them, and to support and celebrate with them when they reach their goals.

Whether you want to live without pain or PB your the next triathlon, have better relationships at home and work, or build your resilience and self-compassion, my goal is to help you get there.

Strong doesn't have to mean getting muscular or managing it all on your own; it's all about getting your feet on the ground, integrating your feelings with your thought and action, optimising how you move and, for some, performing better at your favourite sport.

The clinic spaces I use are beautifully adapted to support relaxing treatments, increase your capacity in the rehab space, and for talking therapy if that's part of our work together. My main clinic in Clinic on the Green, in Oxfordshire.

My own relationship with movement, strength, resilience and performing at life has seen me get into weights at the age of fifteen. This helped me to combat a deep sense of being lost and lonely after 7 moves across three continents in six years! Teenage years of hormones, confusion and personal trauma, and then much later  - motherhood. 

This was a huge confrontation to everything I had used to cope with and identify myself in the world. Not least in my body - I just didn't know how to talk to it and it didn't work the same!

Learning, unlearning, relearning in a different way - these processes are so important for us, in all the environments we inhabit and relationships we have. And being take recognise old stories that aren't serving us well anymore, even though they once did, gives us a chance to make a new meaning, shift how we our identify with ourself, and create new stories.

It is my absolute passion and pleasure to walk along side you as they navigate your desired change, and then  - to celebrate!

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 07970119721 (UK +44)

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