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An at-a-glance selection of concepts, tools and pages from my books that you might find helpful.

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The Four Archetypes

I developed these archetypes directly from a piece of TA theory called Drivers.

Applied to the process of moving towards greater fitness and health, I highlight the the key strivings, sabotages and needed integrations for four main character types.

I am keen not to overstate these, as it is so easy to put on a abel things - and then get stuck in it. To pathologise it in some way.

Our Drivers our fabulous strategies we develop in young childhood to figure out who and what we need to be to get the most love and attention in our environment.

And a bit like inflammation, they are not self-limiting.

We need awareness and an active intervention to make new meaning of who and what we need to be to be okay.


Let's explore what this might look like for different people.



More coming soon.

Thanks for your interest and patience.

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