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Osteopathy can be used to recover from back and other joint pain, as well as muscular and neurological conditions.

Whatever the cause, we are here to support you through the painful episodes, help you to move comfortably and to gain confidence and strength. I look forward to seeing and celebrating with you soon!

With Monica

My first priority is on your comfort. I will discuss with you what your hopes are from having treatment, and how I can help you to get the best in your journey towards that, and maybe even beyond!

I am guided by professional codes and standards, but far beyond that, I really want to focus on helping you to the fullest life you choose.

Above all, it's your body - you know it best. So, while I provide knowledge and structure to the process of change, your experience and what it means to you is the key guide.

I always take a full history of your complaint and medical background and then conduct an assessment of your movements. This will also be based on your goals, both short term and long term, and is a great way to give information of your improvements over time.

As such, there may be more than one stage to the treatment plan, and we will create intentions together for what the outcomes can be expected to be.


Osteopathic principles and my true belief says "motion is life", so we can't make changes for a better and more comfortable life without movement!

I use positional breathing, movements that engage and change the nervous system and movements that mobilise and strengthen, and the goal is always to put you in the driving seat. So making your treament a mixture of passive (the hands on bits I do) and, increasingly, active care so that you gain a greater spectrum of movement and more capacity and confidence to move well on your own. 

Exercise and plans are given in view and picture format.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 07970119721 (UK +44)

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