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The Art & Science of Life Changing Coaching

The Art & Science of Life Changing Coaching Programme For Fitness Professionals is a unique 10-week course designed to give you clarity and confidence in working with stress, anxiety and behaviour change without "getting out of your lane".


With a clear structure, guided by ethical principles and compassionate relationship building skills, the BodySense Program delivers:

  • Monica's unique 6P's model that brings language and framework to the confrontations and excitement of change, and to building a stronger sense-of-self

  • Strategies that support your clients to walk the line of vulnerability and resilience

  • A framework to navigate the confrontations of choosing something new for ones habits and identity

  • Acknowledgement of past experiences and the capacity - and importance - of making new meaning

  • The science that underpins the biology of our biography, and teaching how to write our futures for celebration

  • Integration of movement and strength strategies that support the process

  • A small group that supports and celebrates the co-creation of growth 

Help your clients to be truly consistent, resilience and confident.

Show them how to be better in the next decade than they were in the last, maintaining the health and fitness they desire, and acquiring clarity of mind that integrates wellness for a truly celebratory life.


The Art & Science of Life Changing Coaching

Speak to you soon.

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What you'll get..

10 weeks of thorough support in creating lasting change for your clients' fitness and well-being.

A framework for understanding roles, building contracts and managing boundaries

Weekly small group sessions of 90 mins with the course leader, Monica Franke.

Four fortnightly one-hour group movement sessions with Monica that integrates strategies of motivation and emotional resilience

A complimentary BodySense Book for Professionals and a Book and Journal for one of your clients  journal to document your progress together .

1-2-1 personal progresscalls in weeks 4 and 8. One hour each.

Follow up contact one month, three months and twelve months post-programme to monitor your progress.

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