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I help you to harness the science of motivation, movement and emotional resilience 
to thrive everyday.
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And find your bridge to greater capacity in body and mind.

I have always been in awe of the human body and firmly believe that movement is an important element of being a well-functioning human. After 15 years in practice, I am ever more ignited to support a wide variety of individuals and their equally individual goals. 

Using my unique set of expertise, I have crafted an integrated approach to work with each person who comes to me for treatment, drawing on postural restoration and positional breathing, pilates, hypopressives, strength, conditioning and mind-body physiology research to enhance physical and emotional health.

Our work will always be developed together and with honesty, professionalism and opportunities to celebrate!

The Bodysense book series is there to support both professionals and their clients in waters they previously found unclear to

navigate, making for truly relational and well-boundaries working environments.

I have also designed the 10-week ME2ME Programme to support people through the process and struggle of change, by harnessing the science of movement, motivation and emotional resilience to move you to thriving and celebrating.

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